Saturday, November 5, 2011

something new

I have been brewing this idea in my head for awhile now and I'm excited to get it off the ground! Along with caring for my three boys, husband, daycare kids, and what ever else makes up our life here, I have this passion for a few other things too. While I know my purpose these days, in this season, is mostly for my family... I also know I have a few things I need to keep letting my heart dip into as I go to keep myself  "me".

So, this is where I am starting with a new place for me to be creative... whether in my kitchen (which I LOVE), between books, amongst relationships, or within my community. I am totally loving this stage of life (most days) and learning so much as I go. I am fairly good at a few things and finding I am really bad at a few things just the same. In an effort to continue to grow (in both the good and bad things about myself) I am going to use this blog as a place to record my lessons...both good and bad. Look for a new face lift in the coming days and while you're here you may just find a recipe to use, a book to check out at the library for your kids, or find yourself having the same kind of day I am having here. Either way, I invite you to learn with me and hey... I'm sure we'll both learn a few things on the way!

Cheers to my first new place on my blog... this site is sure to have you hungry for more! I am pretty certain people love to eat and just as certain that when you take time to cook something tasty, they will feel your love for them. I love to cook, I love to love the people in my life, and I really love to show people that I care over a tasty meal or treat sitting around my dinner table. I saw this on my friend's fridge the other day and it totally summed up what's in my heart. Love others. Make them tasty food. Let's do just that!

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