Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Frozen Fruit Cups

I know, right... it's been awhile! That's why the return of my posting to this food blog is such a fun yummy one for a summer day such as this! I have been making these frozen fruit cups for years and my kids, my hubs, and whoever else is here when we get them out of the freezer love them. My favorite is the frozen banana pieces, my firstborn is all about the strawberries, and my second boy loves the slightly melted juice that shows up as it gets munched on. Whichever it is, you are sure to love every melting moment of this treat!

Frozen Fruit Cups

1 can frozen pineapple juice, 12 oz, thawed
1 can frozen orange juice, 6-12oz, thawed
1 Cup water or apple juice
1/2 Cup Sugar (optional)
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
3-4 Medium firm bananas, sliced
1 Quart Fresh strawberries, sliced
1 can Mandarin Oranges, drained
1 can Crushed Pineapple

18 Clear plastic cups (or I use about 12 9oz cups and 10 small clear plastic dixie cups for kid sized servings)

In a large bowl prepare all your above ingredients.  Stir well together. Spoon 3/4 full cups with the fruit mixture. Simply freeze in the freezer (setting them on a pan is helpful to avoid tipping). Ready to serve frozen fruit cups in a few hours! As always, serve with a smile and enjoy!!

A yummy, fruity filled frozen option on summer days!

I love having a freezer full of these!