Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 easy ways to say Welcome!

No matter what stage of life we are in, our home is one place we can all open doors up at. Whether it's a a few minutes or a few days...home is one of our easiest places to invite people into our lives. Mama's often set the tone for home. Saying welcome to friends and family need not be a time to cover up imperfections or hide the mess. Saying welcome can come easily when you first open your heart before you open your door. There are some very easy solutions to making a welcome come naturally for you when those beloved guests arrive...

1. Nothing says "we're glad you're here" better than fresh flowers. Pick them from your yard, buy them at the market, or arrange a handful of them on a walk through the woods. Wherever you pick your bouquet from, simply set them as a center-piece on the table, place them on your kitchen counter, or have them by the front door. Fresh flowers always say welcome. By the bedside for over-night guests is cozy, too!

2. A first glimpse into a home is always calming and comforting when you first see... nothing. Cleared counter-tops, empty tables, and clean spaces give a calming effect to those living in your space. Spend 10 minutes and clear off your counters, wipe down the table, and give the impression you have room to invite people in...because you do. Walking into a cluttered, over-stimulated home often leaves guests feeling a tad bit unsure of their warm welcome. Cleaning counters is an easy way to make that welcome a happy one.

3. And last, and maybe most important. Just be real. So sometimes the flowers can't be cut and the counters still have dishes on them and the floors are a kid marked mess. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect to just let people in. A little realness makes us feel comfortable, like we're just home. Live in your space, let those who come in see the real way you do just that, and be yourself. A cup of coffee over a milk stained floor can go a long way...

Open your doors today. Tomorrow. Sometime soon. Home is meant to be lived in together. Mama's make home happen when they say...welcome!

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