Tuesday, November 13, 2012

brrr...it's Chili!

As the cooler temps have settled in to stay, most find a big of pot of chili resting on their stove-top. If you haven't yet, now is the time to try it! Chili is one of my favorite soups to make because a.) it's filling b.) it's good and c.) it's easy. Served with some home-made cornbread and you've got yourself a real treat for a few days! The beauty of it too, is that you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. Make it simple or zesty as you please...it turns out different every-time here and that's just the fun of a good chili "recipe".

Mama's Chili

1lb ground beef
1lb pork sausage
hand full of carrots
few celery stalks
1 red onion
1-3 peppers (I used sweet peppers this round)
purple cabbage (only because I needed to use it up)
1-2 can red kidney beans
1-2 cans chili beans
tomatoes (This can vary)
I used 9 frozen tomatoes from my garden, just puree them
2 cans tomato soup
2 cans diced tomatoes
dash of garlic salt or powder
chili seasoning to taste

Simple chop all your veggies and cook over medium heat with your beef and sausage. Once this is all cooked through, start dumping in your tomato varieties and beans. Once you have the consistency you'd like (some like more liquid, some like thick chili), add your seasoning. Let it simmer for an hour for best results and eat with warm cornbread! As always, serve with a smile and enjoy! (Best enjoyed with friends added to your table too...just sayin!!)

 As much as I can, I get veggies into my meals. Chili is just too easy to sneak a little or a lot in!

 Cooking your veggies with your meat is a must to get the desired non-crunch feeling in your mouth.

 There are so many bean and tomato varieties... get creative and use whats in the cupboard!

 I love, love fresh garden tomatoes pulled from my freezer for winter cooking!! It adds so much real flavor.

Now, don't be like me...I burnt this batch. Awful, just awful. Another easy option is to throw it into a crock-pot for the day...no burning and plenty warm for dinner still.

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