Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Smoothie

Summer is my favorite season to eat! So many fresh fruits and veggies at markets, in stores, and growing in back-yards. Summer around here often is heard by the humming of the blender and the taste of sweet smoothies while we hang out on the back-porch swinging our days away. If you have picky kids, this is one of the easiest ways to sneak in some of their daily vitamins! Really, smoothies are so flexible. I often times just throw in whatever we have around, but there are a few favorite fruits/veggies that have my kids asking for more when their cup gets low. With the heat index in the 100's this last week, I suggest trying these out sooner then later... a perfect summer treat that you can feel good about serving :)

Summer Smoothie
1-2 bananas
large handful of raw spinach leaves
small handful of fresh Kale
1-2 cups vanilla yogurt (Greek yogurt is best) 
1 Tbsp flax seed or wheat germ
frozen strawberries (or frozen fruit of choice)
4-5 cubes Mama Made carrots baby-food
100% apple juice

This is a really flexible recipe. If you want, you can just use bananas, yogurt, frozen strawberries, and juice to get it to the consistency you want. Or you can add the extra's for some great added nutrients. I start by using a really good blender :)  I first put in my greens, yogurt, bananas, wheat-germ or flax seed, and a little tiny bit of juice. Blend that up. Add some frozen berries and your carrot cubes (if you have them). I add a bit more juice to help the frozen berries puree up nice. You've got yourself a sweet summer treat! As always, enjoy and serve it up with a smile!

PS If your blender won't finely blend your greens, purchase Mama Made, Banana/Spinach or Carrots/Kale, to get your greens into your frozen treats easier.

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